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No matter the diversity of beliefs, we all know we live in a world full of problems.  Yet, one of the biggest problems is that not enough of us realize that we also live in a world full of solutions – and then live our lives as these solutions in action.

This site is dedicated to providing resources and tools for information, inspiration, connection, and action. Within the pages of this site, may you find support in recognizing that you are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

May you know that your every thought, word, and action makes a difference. May you celebrate that living your commitments and visions in service to our planetary family not only makes a difference, but also creates more joy and fulfillment in your life.

The question we need to ask ourselves is not, “Can one person make a difference?”  Each and every one of us does make a difference.  It is actually impossible to not make a difference.  So the question we need to ask ourselves is: “What kind of a difference do I want to make?”

We are the ancestors of the future.  What do you want your legacy to be?

One absolutely does make a difference.  But you are not alone.  We are part of a global family.  Life is precious. Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy this site.

julia butterfly hill

My blog

Wondering Where Home Is

i want to write words like the screams they echo in my heart like a thousand drums beating out the cadence of a silence that is so much louder than words like a knife that pierced my heart so long ago and the blood pouring forth the ink of a thousand lost souls wandering inside me wondering where home is when even i don't know the answer adrift in an endless abyss wondering where home is i have untold stories

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International Women’s Day

On this day where we honor and celebrate women, i want to thank women who have had personal positive impact on my life. There are many, many women, whom i have never met who have greatly impacted the world and therefore my life, and there are many, many incredible women who i have met along my journey. As i started to write the list of the women who have impacted me personally, i started realizing that if i left certain

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i have returned

"Every Breath is a miracle.  Every breath is pure magic.  What will you do with the miraculous, magical you?" ​--julia butterfly hill Right after sending this to a friend, i was listening to music and THIS came on...  the name of the album.... "Miracle."  🙂  Synchronicity.... Magic... Coincidence... whatever you call it...

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