Life Coaching


i do coaching over the phone or via Skype or What’s App.  i do not use video calls as i find that distracts me and keeps me from being able to support you in the way you need and deserve.   Each call lasts approximately one hour, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more just based on what is coming through in the call.  i do not give assigned homework or use handouts.  i often will give you proposed “homework” based on insights that come through in the call.  These are tools that will help you reflect or practice in a way that will support you in your life, work, and commitments.  i work with people from all walks of life–from high level professionals to health workers to activists to every day people looking to take the next step in their life to create the life they love.
i have been doing life coaching for over 15 years, and i love being able to support people in this way.


The first call is $150.  If you choose to pre-purchase 5 sessions, sessions drop to $100 per session for a total of $500 and the first session will be deducted from that amount.
If you choose to only do one call at a time, each session thereafter is $125 for each session and there is no pro-rating for the first call.
i look forward to hearing from you.

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