March 8, 2017 milenafraccari

On this day where we honor and celebrate women, i want to thank women who have had personal positive impact on my life.

There are many, many women, whom i have never met who have greatly impacted the world and therefore my life, and there are many, many incredible women who i have met along my journey.

As i started to write the list of the women who have impacted me personally, i started realizing that if i left certain women off the list, their feelings might be hurt.  And this post is meant to uplift and celebrate, not to hurt.

So without naming names, i thank all the myriad women who have positively touched my life in myriad ways.

And i encourage you to honor and thank the women in your life who have helped you along your journey.

In honor of the Divine Feminine,


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  1. Hi Julia: Was telling my cousin who is starting a nature blog about you, and in the process, I read a recent article about you, and noticed you have been dealing with late-stage Lyme. I too walked that path with Lyme several years ago. You’ve probably tried every holistic therapy there is, but thought I’d send you a link to my blog (which I haven’t used in years, but it’s still up)about how I got my life back through the Salt/C protocol (high doses of Himalayan salt and Vitamin C). It worked for me and after a couple of intense years of healing, I got my life back and am pain free. I’ll paste-in the link below, and you’re also welcome to contact me if you wish to discuss. There is also a website for I first got the info for the protocol, which is I also must add how much your activist experience touched me deeply, as I lived in the Bay Area during that time. The book impacted me strongly – thank you for all you’ve done to advance awareness and respect for life on planet earth! Many blessings, Sue Averett…..

  2. Marie-Rose Grosjean

    Bonjour Julia ! I am living in Paris and so happy on this sunday morning because I heard the words I every day repeat to people, because I agree with you, courage – what is also true for intelligence – has his origine in our heart (in French “coeur”). It’s good to see that on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean there are people that right for a better world.

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