Uncover the gifts you already have

Life Coaching

"Do you feel stuck in your life and know there is a breakthrough waiting for you
but you cannot find it or access it?

Or are you clear on where you want to head in your life and/or your work,
but are not quite clear on what it is going to take to get where you want?"

Or maybe, you are the person who just feels like you could use some support creating more peace, freedom, joy, and effectiveness in your life and work.
And finally, maybe you are the person looking to launch an organization or build the capacity of your work and organization.

My style of coaching is one where I work to uncover the gifts you already have, look for the blind spots that are holding you back, and offer tools and ideas for how to set yourself and your visions for your life and the world for success.

they say ...

“A very provocative, learning experience with a highly qualified and insightful woman. Julia Butterfly Hill exceeded my expectations with her candor and integrity and caring.”


I initially sought coaching with Julia for my business startup, and she has not only helped tremendously with that, but also supported and uplifted me in various aspects of my life. Together we uncovered patterns within my mind that were blocking my potential and deterring me from many commitments, such as putting my visions into actions. Her guidance brought to light hidden aspects of myself, like old defense mechanism, self-destructing behaviors, and shame. With her help I began to see how these were creating obstructions in both my business and my life. Integrating these discoveries, I can now work with them instead of re-living the same unconscious behaviors over and over again.

Since starting coaching with Julia, I have taken monumental and crucial steps towards getting my business off the ground. I continue to use the solid techniques she offered during our sessions in my everyday life, which have already made great impacts in my mindset and in how I show up in the world.

During our time together, I experienced Julia’s presence as genuine, non-judgmental and very caring, which were integral to help with my unfolding and opening up on important topics. She had a way of helping me feel safe. Additionally, she offered abundant heartfelt wisdom, and understands on a visceral level the interconnectedness of all things – two main components that I believe make her coaching style unique. If you read this far and any of this has spoken to you, I would just go ahead and schedule a session with Julia! I have confidence it will be a great way to invest in yourself.

ALYSSIA, South Carolina

Julia is amazing . She’s very present when she listens to someone and I found her feedback to be very compassionate and full of wisdom. I feel privileged to have had her guide me through this process.
I will be forever thankful.

Daniel - Canada

I had done a lot of work on myself before I began consulting with Julia. That notwithstanding, I am learning so much from her. I began talking to her because I was feeling trapped by a life circumstance and really believed there was no kind, fair way out. Julia kept highlighting that there are always options, always new possibilities. With humor, kindness, and love she challenged me to see how I was standing in my own way. Over and again she would bring me back to what I could not control, and how my fighting against events in my life meant that I was not accepting Life on its own terms. Finding more acceptance has led me to a freedom that I did not believe was possible. There is no doubt that Julia has been instrumental in helping me find this freedom. And then, to boot, She is now helping me fortify my relationship with nature and the peace that can always be found by our connection to the natural world. What a gem she is. I am so grateful for her.

LIZ, New York