October 27, 2016 milenafraccari

i wrote this recently for some friends who just got married.  But it is really lessons for us all, so i am sharing it here too.  🙂


May the sun shine upon you, nurturing you both in your beautiful growth.

May the moon remind you that everything has waxing and waning.

May the trees remind you to remain rooted in all that sustains you,
and at the same time to be flexible in the storms of life. Bend, don’t break.

May the flowers remind you to share and be beauty with and for one another.

May the rocks remind you of the ancestors.

May the animals remind you to be uniquely yourself as they do not strive to be other than they are.

May the stars remind you of magic and gems– the true wealth– that is all around us, all the time.

May the water remind you that sometimes what seems soft can wear away at the hardest stone (remember to be soft with one another–especially when the other is being hard 😉 and be refreshment to each other in times of need.

May the forests and mountains remind you that we live on and with a Sacred Temple.  May it source the Sacred within you.

May the Cosmos remind you of how Magical you are, even as it reminds you how small you are. May this knowing of this dance between Magic and Dust inspire you to live big while remaining unattached to results and outcomes.  This makes the dance of life joyful and beautiful!

May Gaia bless you with all you need to support you in your journey together.


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